Eva Solo grill plates and grill serving dish

Presenting the stylish new Eva Solo Grill Plates and Serving Dish which come in several different sizes and can be used for serving food at many different occasions – specifically designed for outdoor entertaining, it can also be enjoyed inside, for all year round use.


The range now boasts a small plate and a large plate as well as a large serving dish which, together with the existing mediumĀ grill plate, is ideal for serving at a range of occasions. The dish and plates, which are made of white porcelain with ridges, are oval in shape. The plates are suitable for steaks, tapas and other individual servings, while the serving dish is perfect for presenting salads and larger dishes.

The grill plates are modern and simple in their design and feature practical ridges which remind one of the stripes on grilled meat.



Grillplate small 26.5x20cm

Grillplate medium 31x23cm

Grillplate large 35×26.5cm

Serving Dish 46×26.5cm

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