Vella magazine rack U+ Triplo coat rack U+ Vinello wine rack

The U+ collection at Amaroni is an exclusively contemporary range of products, which offer sophisticated design for your home. Now three more products make their debut in the range, and stand out in a very modern way: 

U+ Triplo coat rack:Quite unlike anything else in the modern furniture market today, this unusual coat rack’s simple construction consists of a polished white concrete base and three lengths of turned solid wood in a warm natural finish. It has nine functional hooks. Price: £120.00 

U+ Vella magazine rack:This gorgeous new magazine rack has been cast from aluminium and given a polished finish. It looks classic and elegant, but has been given a very modern twist in its design. The magazine rack has been shaped into a basket and given four feet to hold it up right. The body of the magazine rack features a very unusual stencil style cut out design, which creates rounded shapes in a variety of sizes. Price: £165.00 

U+ Vinello Wine Rack: A single ribbon of painted steel is rolled and fastened to create this elegant wine rack. Holds seven wine bottles. Price: £137.50


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