Add some colour to your freshly brewed tea with the new T-Bird swing by QDO. This quirky little infuser has been designed to prep a perfect cuppa every time, is easy to use and practical to boot! Simply fill the T-Bird with tea, pop on top of your cup and allow your fresh tea leaves to infuse



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As we wave goodbye to summer and the dark nights draw in, it’s time to take a slower pace of life and enjoy the delights that autumn brings. We’re a massive fan of Sloe Gin and believe you’ll enjoy a cosy night in next to a burning fire with a glass of our favorite berries just as much as us!

Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn and are one of the last fruits to remain on the trees before the winter draws in. Sloes look very attractive on the blackthorn and cluster together around the branches like bunches of grapes, unfortunately the taste of the fruit doesn’t match its attractive appearance, as they are incredibly sour. Many believe that you should wait until the first frost to pick sloes, but generally they are best from around September, following a bout of cold weather and autumn showers. However this year is a little different, due to our very mild winter last year, followed by a warm spring and those summer showers, sloes have started to appear earlier, much to our enjoyment. Our weird and wonderful weather has tricked the sloes in to thinking its autumn already and that frosts are on their way, so a bumper crop has grown ahead of schedule.

Sloes and gin are a match made in heaven, so try your hand at creating your own by storing the sloes in a jar with white sugar and gin. Place the jar in a cool, dark place for a few months and shake the bottle every few days. By the time Christmas comes around you’ll have a gorgeous dark liqueur which can be drank neat or with tonic. Make your own this autumn with this easy recipe – well you’ve got to make the most of this bumper crop haven’t you?!





500g ripe sloes

250g sugar

1 liter of gin


To prepare the sloes before bottling you can prick each one with a pin or a great tip we have picked up is put the sloes in the freezer as this will break down their structure so no need to spend hours pricking them.

Put the sloes in to a large preserving jar and pour over the sugar and the gin.

Seal the jar and shake.

Shake the jar every day until the sugar has dissolved.

Store in a dark cupboard and after about three months strain out the sloes through muslin.

Pour the gin into a sloe gin bottle.

Your sloe gin will now be perfectly fine for drinking but for an enhanced taste, store the sloe gin in a dark cupboard for as long as possible, even years will be fine.

The PIFCO Brand has been established for over 100 years and has become a strong premium brand in its market sector of consumer electronics.

The PIFCO Brand has over the years become synonymous with all forms of lighting, personal care, travel, airtreatment and batteries with a reputation for quality and innovation. Now Pifco has launched a full range of Low Energy bulbs.

PIFCO …. Its a Way of Life !!


The Marco Pierre White 1003 is available exclusively at Amaroni. The 1003 range of products from the White Heat collection is manufactured using the latest triply technology, where an aluminium core is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. This range of cookware not only ensures an even heat distribution across the base of the pan but also the entire body of the pan, thus ensuring quick and efficient heating of the pan. The stainless steel will protect the aluminium, enables you to use on an induction cooker and it is very easy to clean. Furthermore, the sandwich helps to retain the heat over a long period of time. The soft grip handles give an easy grip and have the added advantage of not heating up.

This range includes vegetable pans, casseroles, a steak pan and a stock pot.

Suitable on all cookers including induction
Dishwasher safe

With their perfectly balanced comfortable handles and unique “industry first” features like hard anodised with Copper base and “straight” Copper encapsulated base, the White Heat collection was inspired by Marco Pierre White’s reputation for cooking perfection. Marco Pierre White is one of the most discerning of all chefs and to put his name to the White Heat collection is a guarantee of their quality and cooking performance. Not only do all the products look fantastic but also come with a selection of key products and accessories. The Marco Pierre White “White Heat Collection” is manufactured by Beka International.



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Umbra is the worldwide leader in original, casual, contemporary, affordable design for the home. The company’s products are available at over 25,000 retailers in more than 75 countries. Umbra designs and manufactures products for every room. We just love their products !!



Teatime Clock is now Available in BLACK only with the same assorted vintage cups

Design: Matt Carr

Vintage tea cups are hand- picked and arranged to form unexpected patterns and interactions.

Made in Canada at the Umbra Studio.

Limited Edition of 200 Pieces.

Overall 30\” dia x 5\” (76 x 13cm)