Vella magazine rack U+ Triplo coat rack U+ Vinello wine rack

The U+ collection at Amaroni is an exclusively contemporary range of products, which offer sophisticated design for your home. Now three more products make their debut in the range, and stand out in a very modern way: 

U+ Triplo coat rack:Quite unlike anything else in the modern furniture market today, this unusual coat rack’s simple construction consists of a polished white concrete base and three lengths of turned solid wood in a warm natural finish. It has nine functional hooks. Price: £120.00 

U+ Vella magazine rack:This gorgeous new magazine rack has been cast from aluminium and given a polished finish. It looks classic and elegant, but has been given a very modern twist in its design. The magazine rack has been shaped into a basket and given four feet to hold it up right. The body of the magazine rack features a very unusual stencil style cut out design, which creates rounded shapes in a variety of sizes. Price: £165.00 

U+ Vinello Wine Rack: A single ribbon of painted steel is rolled and fastened to create this elegant wine rack. Holds seven wine bottles. Price: £137.50


Analog Side table £650.00 Analog coffee table £650.00 U+ Nestle tables

The theme of the U+ collection at AMARONI is fusing the seemingly disparate, creating a fascinating design direction for love of beautiful objects.

U+ Analog Coffee Table and matching Side Table in black: The Analog tables are a stunning combination of modern form and traditional craftsmanship. While maintaining a great sense of style, these items do their part to better the environment. Created from sustainably harvested solid Canadian maple, in small quantities, by traditional woodworkers. Price: £650.00 each 

U+ Nestle tables in black: If you’re looking for simplicity these black nestle tables fit the profile. Solid oak nesting tables with refined finger joint cabinetry fit perfectly into any room of the house. A must for any living room, these nestle tables will provide those much needed extra surfaces without taking up the extra room and a versatile piece of furniture is always worth the money. Price: £756.50 Set of Three

U+ Rolly coffee table - £695.00 Rolly side table - £358.24 

U+ Rolly console table - £412.50 U+ Rolly desk £640.57 

The U+ ROLLY series has arrived at AMARONI – designed by Matt Carr, it includes a Coffee Table, a Desk, a Console Table and a Side Table. Made from American black walnut solid and veneers, the range features a sleek ‘rolling’ door. The pieces have a stream-lined design but keep a traditional feel due to the use of the warm walnut veneer. 

The Rolly Coffee Table makes a practical and perfectly formed occasional table for the living room. Constructed from American black walnut solid and veneers, the concealed tambour door glides to reveal storage and shuts to create a seamless drum finish.  

The Rolly Side Table has a distinct 1950s vibe, thanks to its curved wood shape and rounded legs, not to mention again, the sliding panel that gives access to a hidden storage compartment. 

The Rolly Console table makes a practical and perfectly formed console for the living room, hallway or dining room. 

The Rolly Desk is pure refined elegance. With it, the designer advances the aesthetic of delicate walnut veneer strips into a stylish furniture design. Perfect for a sleek home office!  

Matt Carr – what can we say? This guy’s prolific! Subtle design detail, style references and the reinvention of traditional objects distinguish his signature designs. 


Coffee Table – £695.00

Console Table – £412.50

Desk – £640.57

Side Table – £358.24

Mimi Ottoman Magino Quadrelle Side table

Three more unique furniture products make their debut at Amaroni – the charming Umbra Mimi Ottoman, the visionary U+ Magino acrylic stool/side table and the lovely Umbra Quadrelle side table.


Umbra Mimi Ottoman in black:

Have you heard? Black is the new black… Add extra style and storage to your home decor with an ottoman. This wood black ottoman with storage, has an upholstered polyutherane leather lid which removes to access storage. Often used as a blanket box…can be used in the bedroom or living room. It can also make for a lovely stool/footstool, side table or in some cases, as an improvised coffee table.

Price: £206.50

The U+ Magino Stool or Side Table in yellow:

In acrylic, it features an integrated magazine rack and also makes a great side table. A visionary way to add surface to your living room and the winner of the 2006 Housewares Design Award.

Price: £179.00


Umbra Quadrelle Side Table:

Wood side table with 10mm thick, tinted smoke-glass top. Quite traditional, of MDF construction.

Price: £137.50

Introducing the NEW AMARONI Online Press Office – an ‘own-branded’ dedicated Online Press Office where journalists can browse the site and instantly download a large selection of AMARONI hi-resolution images and read the latest press releases.  

With AMARONI’s Online Press Office you will also find lots of inspiration and trend reports to help with Press features, plus ‘Product of the Week’, etc. Less hassle, less time-wasted!

To visit AMARONI’s Online Press Office, just follow the following link: Amaroni Web Loft

Guzzini GIOIE Espresso Cup with saucer - £33.60 set 2 Guzzini Mirage place settings, yellow - set 6, £163.80 Guzzini TIME2GO wall clock £50.10 Guzzini Ninfea laundry holder, £65.00 Guzzini Isola Magazine holder, yellow £45.00 Guzzini Ufo Vase, yellow - £32.00 Guzzini Latina knife block yellow, £145.00 Guzzini Kitchen Tool set - £177.30 Guzzini Stella ice bucket, yellow £33.80 Guzzini Happy Hour 2-tone Jug, yellow £30.26 Guzzini Feeling Cake Serving Set, yellow  £31.65 Guzzini Latina Bread Bin, yellow - £45.19 Guzzini Vintage Bread Basket, yellow - £17.54 Guzzini Bolli Salad Bowl, yellow 30cm - £31.40  Guzzini Mirage Salad set - 25cm bowl& servers - £33.00


The latest trend in interiors, for many a style-savvy homeowner, is to add a splash of sunshine, whether it’s the odd burst of vibrant yellow or an all-over scheme that packs a punch. From bright soft furnishings to zingy kitchen accessories or zesty tableware, yellow offers a fresh, uplifting feel to any home.


You can inject a ray of sunshine into your home with the new, daring yellow Guzzini products available from Amaroni – the punchy STELLA ice bucket, the chic Mirage table settings and the bold Ninfea laundry holder all deliver the cheery hue in abundance. Or why not invest in the juicy Latina Kitchen Tool set or the breezy Latina Knife Block for further pizzazz in the kitchen?


Craving more dazzle in your décor? Opt for the vivid TIME2GO wall clock offset by a monochrome backdrop. Add the luminous Isola Magazine holder and the Ufo Vase, to ensure all-round radiance. Plus the intensely sunny LATINA Bread Bin and the Feeling Cake Serving Set are both perfect for the season ahead.


For more citrus splendour, enhance your dining table with glam GIOIE Espresso Cups and saucers, complemented by the Vintage Bread Basket, the Happy Hour 2-tone Jug and the Bolli Salad Bowl or Mirage Salad set. What a perfect palette!


Eva Solo Table Grill in Black


The prizewinning Eva Solo Table Grill is being launched in a new and stylish black colour. An innovative, modern outdoor grill that is ideal for preparing delicious food outdoors in the summer, its design representing a marriage of functionality and aesthetics.


The Table Grill is made of fireproof porcelain with a practical handle which makes it easy to carry around. Using the grill is simple – place it on the table or the ground, light the charcoal and place the food for barbecuing on the grill. The grill comes with a stylish trivet on which to stand the grill.

The Eva Solo Table Grill has been designed with flexibility and convenience in mind and makes it easy to enjoy delicious barbecued food anywhere.


In addition to the new colour, the Eva Solo table grill also comes in white.

Eva Solo grill plates and grill serving dish

Presenting the stylish new Eva Solo Grill Plates and Serving Dish which come in several different sizes and can be used for serving food at many different occasions – specifically designed for outdoor entertaining, it can also be enjoyed inside, for all year round use.


The range now boasts a small plate and a large plate as well as a large serving dish which, together with the existing medium grill plate, is ideal for serving at a range of occasions. The dish and plates, which are made of white porcelain with ridges, are oval in shape. The plates are suitable for steaks, tapas and other individual servings, while the serving dish is perfect for presenting salads and larger dishes.

The grill plates are modern and simple in their design and feature practical ridges which remind one of the stripes on grilled meat.



Grillplate small 26.5x20cm

Grillplate medium 31x23cm

Grillplate large 35×26.5cm

Serving Dish 46×26.5cm

Eva Solo Nesting Box, Striped


The Eva Solo Nesting Box now comes with narrow grey, white and black stripes – an innovative take on one of the garden’s sanctuaries for birds. It is made of black plastic and glazed terracotta, a combination which ensures that the nesting box withstands both the wind and the rain. The terracotta is also heat-reflecting, and protects the occupants against overheating during hot spells.


The entrance to the Nesting Box has been designed to take four different-sized entrance holes depending on which bird species you want to attract. A special lock mechanism and smooth surfaces prevent cats and other predators from attacking the young chicks.

This simple yet stylish nesting box represents a marriage of design and functionality – a smart feature in any garden. Also available in white.

Gaggia Amante in red Gaggia Baby Twin in Silver Gaggia Baby in black Gaggia Evolution in Ivory

Introducing Gaggia – a range of capsule coffee machines by the legendary Italian market leader in espresso machine technology. 

Whether you are buying for the man in your life, who already has every high-tech piece of equipment under the sun, or for the lady in your life, whose idea of technology is being able to work the TV remote control, the seductive Gaggia espresso machines make the perfect cutting edge, easy-to-use gift.

Guaranteed to be the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips, whether in stylish bachelor pads or a modern kitchen environment.

Let the allure of AMANTE seduce you away from your usual espresso, composed of soft lines and fine details, an automatic capsule piercing and expulsion system that makes espresso preparation a snap. The BABY is considered the ideal family coffee maker with its sleek control panel for finishing touches and state-of-the-art components. The BABY TWIN is the jewel of the range; in fact it’s fitted with a double heating system and an electronic control panel Touch-ring. The BABY DOSE is the luxurious digital version – equipped with an advanced innovative dosing system letting you set the exact amount of coffee that goes into the cup. The EVOLUTION comes with an user-friendly design and the BABY CLASS is elegant and definitely classic.