Open the cleaning cupboard in most homes and smiling back at you is the cheeky face of Henry the Hoover. Who could have predicted that a vacuum cleaner would become such an institution, but that it has. Not only that, but Henry now has new friends as well, Hetty, George, James and Charles. Hoovering has never been so much fun !!


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Eva Solo Table Grill in Black


The prizewinning Eva Solo Table Grill is being launched in a new and stylish black colour. An innovative, modern outdoor grill that is ideal for preparing delicious food outdoors in the summer, its design representing a marriage of functionality and aesthetics.


The Table Grill is made of fireproof porcelain with a practical handle which makes it easy to carry around. Using the grill is simple – place it on the table or the ground, light the charcoal and place the food for barbecuing on the grill. The grill comes with a stylish trivet on which to stand the grill.

The Eva Solo Table Grill has been designed with flexibility and convenience in mind and makes it easy to enjoy delicious barbecued food anywhere.


In addition to the new colour, the Eva Solo table grill also comes in white.

Eva Solo grill plates and grill serving dish

Presenting the stylish new Eva Solo Grill Plates and Serving Dish which come in several different sizes and can be used for serving food at many different occasions – specifically designed for outdoor entertaining, it can also be enjoyed inside, for all year round use.


The range now boasts a small plate and a large plate as well as a large serving dish which, together with the existing medium grill plate, is ideal for serving at a range of occasions. The dish and plates, which are made of white porcelain with ridges, are oval in shape. The plates are suitable for steaks, tapas and other individual servings, while the serving dish is perfect for presenting salads and larger dishes.

The grill plates are modern and simple in their design and feature practical ridges which remind one of the stripes on grilled meat.



Grillplate small 26.5x20cm

Grillplate medium 31x23cm

Grillplate large 35×26.5cm

Serving Dish 46×26.5cm

Eva Solo Nesting Box, Striped


The Eva Solo Nesting Box now comes with narrow grey, white and black stripes – an innovative take on one of the garden’s sanctuaries for birds. It is made of black plastic and glazed terracotta, a combination which ensures that the nesting box withstands both the wind and the rain. The terracotta is also heat-reflecting, and protects the occupants against overheating during hot spells.


The entrance to the Nesting Box has been designed to take four different-sized entrance holes depending on which bird species you want to attract. A special lock mechanism and smooth surfaces prevent cats and other predators from attacking the young chicks.

This simple yet stylish nesting box represents a marriage of design and functionality – a smart feature in any garden. Also available in white.



These Quick and Easy pools are built to last being made from strong and durable material.

Available in 4 sizes – 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot and 15 foot (see below for individual prices).

The side walls are made with 3 seperate layers of material for extra strength and durability and once filled with water, the top ring of the pool rises and inflates.

They are easy to assemble and should be assembled on level, flat ground.

Draining is easy with the conveniently located drain plug meaning come the end of the season, the pool is easily disassembled for staorage.

**Children should be supervised at all times in or near the pools**


Technically sophisticated; a harmonious product – quite literally a cut above the rest” is how the jury of the prestigious iF Product Design Awards described Solicut’s innovative Absolute ML Knife collection.With more entries than ever before, this year’s expert judging panel chose only 50 Gold Medal winners out of the 2,293 products submitted from 35 countries for this year’s awards. Receiving an iF award is recognised as the ultimate international design achievement, and is known in the design trade as the Design Oscar. What makes Solicut’s award even more special is that there were only three Golden Medals awarded for design excellence in kitchen related products.

A creative merger of traditional German craftsmanship and modern design, these drop forged knives are made out of VG10 high-carbon, damascene multi-layered steel, which guarantees an outstanding, durable cutting performance. Designed by Carsten Gollnick, one of Germany’s most successful homeware and interior style designers, the knives feature ergonomic handles made from a special plastic compound that is both pleasing to the eye and the touch.


  • Super precise vacuum hardening process creates a super hard knife with exceptional edge holding properties.
  • Made from super-hard VG10 gold steel, the worlds best knife steel.
  • Laminated in 33 multi-layered Damascus steel
  • Laser hardened multi-layered poly fibre handles are light-weight, non-slip and virtually indestructable.
  • Hand grinding of blade into the ideal convex shape of the blade, a critical feature for how smooth a knife goes through food.
  • Additional hand-honing at very acute angle. (20 degrees)
  • Full tang construction.
  • Entirely made in Solingen, Germany.
  • Dishwasher safe, but not recommended due to bluntening effect.

Block Features

  • Fully encapsulated magnetic wooden knife stand.
  • Attached any knife, shears, or kitchen gadgets.
  • Stainless steel edging.
  • 305 x 205 x 145mm.
  • Gift Boxed.


Those delightful designers at Umbra have released the new Huddle frame in “Honey” With two options available (expresso) this frame will be the focal point in any room. Simply fantastic !

 Size: Holds two 3 x 3.5″ (8 x 9 cm); eight 4 x 6″ (10 x 15 cm) and one 5 x 7″ (13 x 18 cm) photos.

Designer: Tom Vincent


Swiss Diamond pans – a truly remarkable innovation in cookware. Diamonds make the difference, offering a totally superior, extremely hard and durable non-stick surface with superb heat distribution from the centre of the pan to the outer edges without hot spots.

The range is made of pressure cast aluminium which will never warp and the pans can be safely used with metal utensils and put in the dishwasher.

All pans in the range are made in Switzerland and come with a lifetime guarantee.